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Webnnel: Redefining The Meaning of Reading.

The Internet has made our life easy and brought the world under our fingers. Whether we swipe left or swipe right. We have become so tech-friendly nowadays that we have everything on our fingertips. One thing which remains constant is the quench of reading.  Only the dimensions have been changed. We have gone from hard to soft version of novels.

Do you love thrill or Entertainment?  Are you the one who love to read novels?

If the answers are ‘Yes’ then this app is for you.  WEBNNEL, is all you need to install.  Nikita Arora a lady behind the WEBNNEL with her Patience, Determination, and perseverance made it possible for all the readers and writers to come on the same platform.  Where writers can showcase their new upcoming novels and readers get the chance to be the first one to read.

Webnnel is a unique fiction web-entertainment platform that partners with some of the best storytellers from across the globe to develop, craft and publish the handcrafted stories. Webnnel adopts innovative marketing to promote each series

How Webnnel is different from other platforms that offer similar services?

  • E-Novels and E-Comic Series are developed and published in seasons. Eg.Blackwater S1, S2, S3 etc.
  • Chapters of an ongoing series are published on a weekly basis.
  • Ongoing series are free to view/access.

It’s her determination and hard work which reflects her success. After Releasing the web portal, readers have shown eminence love towards it.  They have got 1 lakh unique users and over 35 lakhs read in first official season. The love and affection of users have prompted them to give users some more comfort. Now they are up with their new Android app WEBNNEL. Webnnel is to promote great stories and storytelling across genres in different formats!

The user can easily download the WEBNNEL app from Google play store.  it occupies just 8.9 MB space in your mobile. The users loved this gift from the Webnnel and 500+ users have already downloaded the app. Well, the app is very user-friendly and easy to access. All the contents are categorized in a very simple way.

Soon after the launch, the app is making a buzz among the users due to some of its unique features which are making it a hot cake in Google play.

Some of its Features are:

  1. Interface – The app and website have been designed in such a way so that user can smoothly surface its content without any disturbance of pop up ads.  Yes, you heard me right ADS are banned.
  2. Season format – Webnnel publishes three seasons every year. 1) Winter 2) Summer 3) Fall. During each season, which lasts for 4 months. Webnnel introduces a limited number of new E- Novels and E-Comic series whose new chapters and episodes are published on a weekly basis.
  3. Notification – You don’t need to log in daily to keep watch on and wait for the new chapter to release. You will be notified when a new chapter or episode of a series is published.
  4. Follow and Read- You can easily Follow and read the Ongoing E-Novel and E comics series for free.

Well some of the users on google play has shown their experience of using the app these are

User’s Review 

Apart from these awesome features app also provides you the privilege to access the E- Novels and E-Comics series published in earlier season through Premium series section. When data is everything, Webnnel is providing a ‘Save’ feature, where you can save the series and later on you can read the series offline too.

Visit Webnnel website (link), Facebook page (Link),  you may download the app:

The digital revolution is far more significant than the invention of writing or even of printing. ..   Douglas Engelbart

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