Water a Great Supplement

Water is very vital for each human being to survive, we can live without a meal for a week, but without water we can’t go for too long. It is scientifically proved that 2/3rd of the body carrying water. The fitness fraternity have very contrast opinion on this. Water helps to transport essential minerals and waste product out of cells and body. It is very good for the skins and for the digestion too

While working out body lose ample amount of water in the form of sweat. We need to have water in between the exercise just to avoid the Dehydration. If you think you can skip the water intake, then you must think! Again. Skipping water is bullshit, you must have the adverse effect of this. Gym goers take risk without having full knowledge about the subjects.

While working out you should take little-little sip, reason being whatever you have consumed in a whole day or pre workout water acts as a catalyst which push those nutrient for the proper functioning of the muscle and in case if you consume proteins like eggs, chicken they produce amino acid in body and water push this amino acid during workout and work as a supplier  to muscle, so that your muscle don’t break  and you won’t feel fatigue during workout which is necessary so that you can get your desired result.

The quantity of water depends on the intensity of the workout, gender too

since each one of us different body from each other minimum 1 liter for standard workout and if you are going for intense training then you can go for 1-1/2 half liter of water and if you are gunning for abs exercise then you can skip your water intake as you don’t want water in your stomach.

Skipping water during workout is the worst thing we can do. Whatever you want a muscular body or else wants to lose body weight you have to drink water and if you are lifting heavy weight you got to have it otherwise you will get dehydrated which can have immense effect on your performance. Drinks which youngsters usually take during workout some are sugary drinks and sodium electrolyte drinks during the workout they put on weight have seen 2-3 guys in gym they put on weight. Drinking more water will help you water retention it helps you to your skin and remove toxin male can go for 3-4ltr and for female 2-3ltr.

Dehydration can lead to issues like loss of coordination, muscle fatigue, tiredness and sudden increase rise of body temperature which somewhere led to stroke. It is scientifically proved that Performance decline with dehydration, and also if your body is not hydrated perfectly then there are chances that you can skip your daily routine there are ample amount of uses are mentioned about water

Symptoms of Dehydration

  1. Muscles get Fatigued
  2. Cramp will occur easily
  3. You have a high pulse
  4. Recovery time is very long

For morning goers a body should be well hydrated since they just got up after a long sleep and body, which will replicate in their workout performance it will help them to recover sooner thirstiness is not the only parameter by which you can measure your body hydrant condition

There are lots of ways we can consume water and its benefits these are as

Benefits of Water

  • Water with Lemon. –Besides quenching your thirst after a workout, lemons have a high concentration
  • Metabolism Boost.Drinking cold water amps up your metabolism. Since your body has to work to warm up the water, you will be burning a few extra calories in the process.
  • You’re Heart.If you are drinking enough water, your heart doesn’t have to work as hard to pump blood throughout your body.
  • You’re Skin.If you allow your body to get dehydrated by not drinking enough water, fine lines and wrinkles deepen. Water flushes out impurities and improves circulation besides plumping the skin.
  • If you are dehydrated, your body will absorb water meant for your colon and other areas of the body. This will leave your colon dry and make it difficult to pass waste.

Very special Thanxs to “Dr. Uday Bhan Singh (BPT, MIAP) ” for his valuable guidance

Very informative article about benefits of water intake.  Most part of our body is consist of water so proper intake of water is most important. If you are athlete, gym addict then it is more important to make sure that you are consuming enough amount of water. Water is good for skin, digestive system, excretory system, and nervous system too

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