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Kerala is often referred as God’s own country. This beautiful land is rightly called the paradise, given to its lush green scenic landscapes and crystal-clear beaches that will leave you awestruck. Blessed with natural beauty and ecological diversity, Kerala has a lot to offer to tourists and travelers

Kerala which is known as the gods land are facing its worst flood in century. The situation of flood is getting grim as the days passes the death toll reaches near about 300 and over lacs of people are in relief camps they have lost their homes, land and assets.

Flood has caused an enormous amount of loss to the states all the 14 Districts are submerged and are on high alerts and an almost 1/6th population of the state has been directly affected. Well the states which are almost disconnected from the world are coming to life As the UNITY of INDIA shows that despite we have a difference, at the end WE are ONE

As Water level has receded, people started returning home however more than 13-lacs of people are still residing in 3000 relief camps.

Humanity Still Rocks !

Water has showed havoc in Kerala but it fails its spirit, the defiant, hopeful pulse of a people working to rebuild their lives, remains un- shattered.

Volunteers in Kochi are working overtime to provide the necessary requirement for the affected people. You are rich or poor hardly matters people in Kerala working selflessly to bring the state on run. Everyone is working. People are doing whatever helps they can do on thier part.

A fisherman let the women step on his back and into a boat whose sides were too high this shows the real humanity when we work and help selflessly without thinking about cast, religion, and status.

People of Kerala showing their gratitude in their own way. A message of THANKS was painted in bold, white letters on a rooftop; it was for the Navy’s rescue of two women from the area.

Not only Kerala people but the whole country stood and try their best to help the people some did by running the ads about Kerala relief funds and some did by donating whatever they can this is the beauty of true humans and a True Indian when We Stand for each other Well we try most challenges in our life weather a #kikichalleneg #Humfittohindiafit now lets do one more challenge #donateforKerala  and let them show they are not the only affected by it The Whole INDIA is affected

Click in the link to help 

Here is the link to Make Donation

And we can also donate it through paytam and many other online portals as everyone is extending their helping hand for Kerala. Well, the help is pouring from all corners of the country we really thankful to all the INDIAN who stood in this situation. PM Narendra Modi Ji also released 500cr for Kerala.

 Help Rehabilitate Kerala #BlogForKerala

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