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Top Healthy Lifestyle Tips to Stay Active

Even though we all know the importance of our healthy body, do we really taking care of it properly? Some of you may say that in this busy and hectic lifestyle, it’s not possible. I totally agree with you all.

On the occasion of ‘World Health Day,’ HBG has come up with some useful health tips.  Which you can follow in your daily routine easily.  You don’t have to take extra efforts to do it. But yes you have to change some habits.

  • Less Alcohol, More Juices
    No…no I am not saying that to reduce 30 ml to 10 ml of alcohol and increase soft drinks content in it…  Jokes apart I mean to say that prefer drinking fruit juices instead of alcohol.
  • Less Soda, More Water
    Try to avoid drinking soft drinks when you are thirsty which contains more of a soda. Plain water will give you more satisfaction.
  • Less Meat, More Vegetables
    I am not suggesting you to stop having non-veg completely. But you can try to replace it with veggies sometimes. It’s on your tongue to taste it less frequently.
  • Less Sugar, More Fruits
    It is a scientifically proven fact that sugar is harmful to your body. Again I am not telling you to skip it completely. But you can try to use more fruits in your eating habits.
  • Less Driving, More Walking
    You can opt walking option for going to market, grocery shop and nearby places. By doing this you are adding some value to the environment and burn some fats naturally.
  • Fewer Gadgets, More Personal Attention
    You might be thinking why this point here? So, guys, you know that radiations of these gadgets are not only harming your body, your physical health, but it is also creating one disease called ‘Being ignored’. The increasing tolls of suicidal cases are the outcome of this New Disease.
  • Less Anger, More Laugh
    Getting angry is a natural thing. But if its frequency is increasing, then you are in danger. It’s a useless thing to get angry at something on which you don’t have control. Try to find the brighter side of the situation. Keeping anger in the heart will not allow you to laugh wholeheartedly. And you have heard that ‘Laughter is the best medicine’. Laugh often. You never know your smile may make someone’s day.
  • Less Worry, More Sleep
    Your worry is not going to solve any of your problems. It will affect your sleep too. In sleeping, you are not giving rest only to your body but also to brain and mind. Once they both are charged up, you will notice that how quickly solution will find you
  • Less you, More Me
    Here we are referring to “ME” time. The more you spend time with yourself, the more you will become aware of your capabilities. Meditation is the best way to achieve the Inner peace and to analyze your own being. if you can enjoy your company then others will surely enjoy the same

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