Time for Humanity

Have you read today’s newspaper? Yes Did you find any news about rape, !? Yeah, what you said you haven’t found any news of rape? Start flipping your newspaper it is not possible in today’s newspaper and in news channel we always find the heinous crime of rape it’s sanded to see that HINDUSTAN HAS BECOME RAPISTAN

We are again standing on the same path where we were a few years back, nothing has changed, nothing has been done. Fake promises had been made and delivered us a sugar-coated dream of women safety but that comes out to be very bitter. Nirbhaya case that shocked the entire nation and unites them we thought of something will change now. People in opposition tarnished the ruling party of that time. The irony is the opposition party at that time is now in command and they are dead silence on this matter when things happened in their presence. It’s hard to believe that lust or what we call it has degraded the Manhood so down that they are now targeting small babies. It’s very hard to believe how can someone be so cruel to a baby.

Our media has always gone so far for the TRPs that they have shown us their true faces in the past be it Sridevi’s death or Salaman’s verdict. Some of the newspaper or channels are running the news like Nirbhaya-2, Nirbaya part two, Nirbhaya return, is there any seriousness left in journalism? What a common man can do is just to protest and can raise our voice so that dumb ears can hear at least some noise and can bring changes in the judiciary system of India which always seems to be handicapped.

Well the worst part is crime happens and some educated leaders blame the female for this that their short clothes are the reason for this, some will try to link this opportunity (sorry to use this word but this is the fact) in the name of religion for political advantage. The rape cases have been increased in the first quarter of 2018 than compared to last year. Well, rape is rape which cannot be distinguished and categorized based on the caste and religion. But we always integrate it with caste and religion.

Every Religion is Different, but they have one thing in common Respect Each other 

Respect Every One 

#kathu rape case. She was a Muslim Girl but before she belongs to any religion she should be categorised as female. Well, I have come across many posts, why are we dragging her name in this case earlier cases happened, but we never heard anyone victims name these all are posts are circulated by Hindus and they are adding is as she is Muslim so that’s why they are using her name. the ruling leaders are very eloquent, and I am left flabbergasted by seeing silence. National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) data on the proximity of offenders to victims (the most recent data available) shows that in 95 percent of all rape cases, the offender knew the victim

Police-constable got rapped, a topper got rapped shame on us it always happened and we only read protest and nothing happened. Dehradun rape case school tried to hide by giving medicines which can abort her pregnancy. Just to save their reputation they tried to cover up their crime and what about the girl’s reputation

Every Human Being has the equal Reputation

A woman has been raped instead of standing with their family or with her we are just playing political cards. It’s a high time now that the government must take some serious steps to stop these. We ‘have hardly begun a new year and not a single day went without hearing the case of sexual assault and abuse on females and it is exhausting is there any solution of this growing crimes. We are living in a country where personal safety feels like a privilege not a right. Rapists have really made it hard for us to hold newspapers every morning. Isn’t it?

Lets Become Little HUMAN Instead of Human Being

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