The story of a brave young girl – Ria’s Diary

Title: Ria’s Diary
Author: Meghana Pawar

Book Review:

Ria’s Diary by author Meghana Pawar is a story of a 30 something girl named ‘Ria’ whose life has been a rollercoaster ride since the very beginning. The story is narrated via 26 episodes from the protagonist’s life starting from her childhood days. Right from the beginning, the story features twists and turns along with some really gripping moments that keep you hooked throughout!

The story revolves around a very strong female character who goes through some really gruesome incidences and witnesses’ situations which no girl would ever want to go through! The book highlights the mental trauma of a young girl who sees her parents get divorced and, the immediate second-wedding of her father with a twist! The way the father-daughter relationship is handled in a book gives interesting cues for parents! The story has many more such nail-biting revelations about Ria’s life! The interesting part about this is that the book is inspired by a real story! Yes, the author has narrated her friend’s real story in a diary format which makes me fall for it even more!

It is indeed an inspiring story narrated in an easy-breezy manner. It is a short, interesting, and an emotional journey to read a life-story of a brave young girl. I loved the writing style which is so engrossing and comprehensible. It was like I am watching a movie before me! Thanks to the content and the simple language, even teenagers can easily read and understand the book. The story is such that it surely will start a conversation between children and their parents. It will bridge the gap and give perspective to the readers.

How the protagonist finds her way through the most difficult times in her life be it in her studies, or her down-phase is commendable! It gives hope and inspiration to every girl going through the same journeys as Ria’s story is very relatable. Finally, the book focuses on Ria’s present tense where she is an achiever despite all odds and this makes it a ‘Feel Good Book’!!

Book Blurb:

Ria’s Diary is an episodic tale of a brave girl who fought the most gruesome battles, wavered pain, and heartbreaks that life presented to her with grit, determination, and a smile. Inspired by a real story.

It features26 most intriguing and crazy episodes from Ria’s life! Ria is a 30 something girl and has seen a lot of ups and downs in her life’s journey. *Hint* *Hint* There are a lot of flashbacks! We all at one point have thought of writing our own diary. Many of us even have this habit of journaling and penning down important incidences from our day to day life. Ria has also jotted down some very personal scenarios that she went through in her diary which now is available to all of us to read, experience, understand, explore and immerse ourselves into her life-transforming journey.

Is it inspiring? Yes! Is it Entertaining? Absolutely! Is it preachy? No! Should I go for it? Yes, for sure! 

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