Sunny’s New Inning With 11Wickets

In this internet friendly world where everything is on our fingertips and easy out our life, The “Ability Games” calibrates the two most imperative coordinates of our era. Yes, Sports and Technology, to the same platform. Ability Games, a software and a game development powerhouse announced their mission 2020 to become a leader in the niche Indian gaming space.

They provide one of the best gaming experience to their audience, to enjoy gaming experience anywhere and with seamless effort. Some of their contributions in this area are,, 9Pool, Brain Train to name a few. Everyone can play the game that is the philosophy behind it.

Two strong pillars of Indian Society are Film industry and Sports. Whenever these two come close, they always make the buzz around and here also you will find out the same. 11wickets, an initiative of the Ability Games, has announced Sunny Leone as its Brand Ambassador. She mirrors beauty with brain. One of the most searched internet celebrity definitely going to boast up the craze of 11wicket among the users and fans. Roping Sunny Leone as brand ambassador will definitely provide them a  much-needed support as she carries a very huge fan base.

Karenjit Kaur Vohra better known as a Sunny Leone is a Canadian-born Indian-American actress, model, writer, social activist, sports enthusiasts. As a young girl, she was a self-described tomboy, very athletic and played street hockey with the boys. Well, she has grown up playing lots of sports. Her keenness for sports has led her owning a celebrity cricket team, co-owning a football team and her association with 11Wickets

“I’m really glad to be a part of! I have been learning online cricket for a while now. 11wickets‘s name is synonymous with online cricket in India – it was an immediate yes from my side. It’s amazing to see the growing passion for cricket and I would love to be a part of this journey,” shares Sunny Leone.

11wickets’ is going live in 2018 and aiming to offer fun and excitement to the sports lovers. They intend to become India’s most trusted fantasy Sports platform.  Its USP is its User Interface. Yes!!  It is customer friendly and every time you log on you will be updated with the fun facts of the sports.

It’s always a good sign for any company to rope a brand ambassador of such a great stature. whose personality is a mirror image of the product. Her strong personality is going to be an add-on advantage for the

“We aim to make 11Wickets an iconic and groundbreaking brand, a Champion of fantasy sports, and I am so happy that Sunny Leone is being part of this family now,” said Navneet Makharia, the founder and CEO of 11Wickets. He further stated “Sunny bundles knowledge, strength, modernity, boldness, and sports keenness that 11Wickets represents.”

11Wickets is a fantasy sport online game focusing on all the major sports like cricket, football, kabaddi, etc. You have to create your own team i.e. XI team with your favorite players and compete with other teams when the real match is being played. 11Wickets is the gaming platform which encourages sports fanatics to show off their knowledge, show the smart skills by choosing their perfect line-ups and win prizes.

Ability Games is working to provide the best gaming experience to the Indian online game lovers. They have expertise in games like online Poker, Fantasy League, Rummy, etc. where people can play with real money. The product line of Ability Games provide a variety of entertaining gaming options, and by the inclusion of 11wickets has made them a complete entertainment hub for their target audience. Where people can win exciting prizes and learn and showcase their knowledge about sports.

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