“Smile please…..”

Smile, this five letter word is one of the most powerful words in the world. It looks very ordinary, but has unique features and inevitable place in one’s life. You must be thinking that today why HBG has come up with $mile? I am here to just remind you its urgency and importance in your life.

In today’s competitive world we have somehow lost this precious thing. And you know what? It is FREELY AVAILABLE.  Even though it’s free we are running away from it.

Can you imagine this World without smile? Don’t you think it would become a miserable place to live in? How would you express your feelings of love and happiness? Have you noticed any person with a straight face look like? I know you will say, ohh..that girl/ boy with straight face? How boring s/he is? Whatever shape of your face has…a smile adds a beauty in it. This is a value addition to your face.


A smile carries with it energy of Sunshine. The way the Sun-rays spread liveliness everywhere, same way your smile spread happiness in your surroundings. It has power to give hope, to a defeated soul and encourage him to try once again. Your smile can not only change other person’s life but it can change your life too. How? Once you come to know that because of you that person did not give up on his life, you will feel proud of yourself. See, how you could contribute in other’s life by using this beautiful tool.

Smile not only fill you with  but also impact on your physical appearance specially on your faces won’t believe see these pics


Make it a practice that every morning first thing you will ever do is…. Look in the mirror and smile. Smile at yourself. Smile for yourself. This beautiful curve will charged up your lazy body and will keep you energized whole day.


The clothes one wear, does not make him/her rich. The more you smile, the more you become rich by heart. Money doesn’t define character, but a genuine smile will definitely define humanity. Smile is the beginning of love. And love is the most powerful energy of the Universe. When you are smiling, you are using this Universal energy. A warm smile is the universal language of kindness. So we should use it more often to brighten up the lives of other’s and in our life too. A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person inside.

So guys, I hope you will start using this powerful force and spread kindness, happiness and humanity all around you and brighten up the lives of your loved ones and strangers too. 

Keep Smiling…. Hahhahaha  🙂 😉 

Best curves are the Curves of Lips 🙂

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