Provee Introduces India’s First High Protein Nut Spreads

Protein is the hero of our story. We want to make it yours

It began with a basic need – the need to add a balance to our diets without the jitters of keeping a constant check. After going through hundreds of healthy foods in the market, there was one cavernous gap – no fortified food was actually tasty and convenient. Provee was created to bridge this gap.
At Provee, the goal is simple, to transform the way the world consumes packaged food. After several months of R&D and over 200+ formulations, Provee has created what is best for you. A range of products with the perfect blend of health and actual taste, Provee brings you the finest. Creating a balance between what people want and what they need, Provee gives your taste buds the adventure they seek and your body the care it requires through nutritious yet scrumptious formulations.
Today, Provee has become the highest recommended solution by doctors to a protein deficient diet. Proudly introducing Provee’s first line of products – 100% Natural, Gluten Free, Low Carb High Protein Spreads that add a punch of over 10G protein in your meals per serve. Provee adds a touch of diversity to your regular supplements by giving you proteins in a way that is snack able and spreadable!

Provee Protein Peanut Spread Original:
The real MVP of the peanut spreads, the Original Protein Spread is a powerhouse packed with the finest quality Whey Protein Concentrate sourced directly from New Zealand. Being India’s first high protein peanut spread made from roasted peanuts, we like to be pompous and tell you that we are the best in the market.

Provee Protein Peanut Spread Double Chocolate:
What happens when you combine two of your favorites into one spread? The benefit of nuts and taste of sinful chocolate, our Double Chocolate Protein Spread is a nutritious delight for your taste buds. With the goodness of protein, vitamins and delicious homemade chocolate in every spoon, you’ll keep craving more.

Provee Protein Peanut Spread Choco-Hazelnut:
A peanut spread that tastes like bliss? Hard to believe, right! Well, Provee has done it; bringing you India’s first ever high protein Chocolate Hazelnut Spread. Loaded with protein and flavors, Provee Choco-Hazelnut spread is guaranteed to become your go-to for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between.

There’s nothing like enjoying a meal out and feeling good about what you’re intaking in your body. In this fast forward culture of eating out, we keep on eating anything which can easily be seen on our waistline. Well where everyone is going nuts over healthy lifestyle so Why not make your any ordinary-looking food yummy and tasty with the Provee spreads, in fact, eating is one thing which directly reflects our lifestyle

A simple slice or two of bread as breakfast for most of us s. Luckily, those days when you’ve only got a few minutes to kick start your day, it can be the base of a very nutritious meal.

But what you put on your meal can be the game changer. Provee’s spreads are the game changer here. Its taste yummy and delicious whenever I used it. Being a person who is very health cautious it supplies me full nutrient as it is high in protein and low in carbs and the best part is they are Gluten free, so I don’t have to worry what I am supplying to my body and over the food. It makes every food so delicious that I can’t resist myself having it at any point in time. Its been so yum that I have made it a part of my every meal.

Its taste so amazing and the best part is you can carry it along with you anywhere and enjoy the Healthy meal with Provee ‘s spreads . Their protein-rich spreads provides #cleaneating

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