Pro Care – The Wellness and Lifestyle Centre

Pro Care is a holistic and integrated wellness and lifestyle centre providing highly personalized and compassionate healthcare based on the patient’s unique lifestyle, dietary habits, medical history, nature of work and current fitness. It also deals with pharmaceutical products and operates retail pharmacies; wanting to expand in the field of clinical healthcare with an aim to provide solutions to people on how to manage lifestyle diseases.

It was started in June 2017 and was named PRO CARE because the vision was to work towards good health. Pro Care provides services like injury management and rehabilitation, disability care, neurological rehabilitation, diet management, stress management and life coaching, yoga and meditation, nutrition and lifestyle management, specialist doctor consultation and blood test. The services here range between Rs. 200 to 6000. The USP is, a hassle free experience with a one-time digital registration, specialists from various disciplines under one roof, easy to access medical records, one page medical summary, auto appointments and reminders and complete integration of medical records.

Pro Care also provides specialist doctors, therapist, yoga and gym instructor and more

Dr. Rishi Raj (PT) is a Specialist therapist who deals with sports injury, old age related ailments, neurological problems, cerebral palsy, disability management and many more. He is also HOD Physiotherapy and Physical Rehab. BPT, MPT (Neuro), Fellowship in Sports Rehab, FAGE (Manipal), MIAP, MIACP.

Harsha is an Internationally trained Yoga Teacher who mainly deals with Hatha Yoga and Dance Yoga. She is an internationally certified hatha yoga teacher. M.Sc Yoga, Functional Trainer, sound healer, Kettle Bell Trainer, Animal Flow Trainer and more. She is also the Co-Founder of Samartha- A Better You.

Juhi Mimani is the chief nutritionist of Pro Care with the aim of making society understand the relevance of a proper diet which is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. B.Sc (U.K), Diploma in Diabetics Health and Nutrition (U.K), Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education

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