Plank an Ultimate Warrior

The exercise which is pretty much helpful for the core is none other than “Plank”. In the fitness fertility plank has been rated very high not in terms of its diversified impact areas but also because it is one of the simplest exercises we can perform, Simplest exercise doesn’t mean it didn’t have any side effects. An old saying “simple is always difficult to perform”. Major pros of Plank are it didn’t require any sort of equipment, Plank is an exercise which focuses on each muscle of the human body. Plank has got many Variations & shades

Exercises are only goods of they have been performed correctly otherwise the repercussion is very worst, Plank Mainly focus on the core which helps to shed the extra fat around your tummy, and help you to have the flat tummy

Here at HBG, we are summing up the few of the Benefits of Plank, which might intrigue you to opt this exercise

HBG listed few benefits of Plank. Here are they

1) Toned Belly- Planks considered to be the best exercise for the toned belly or for the solid core. Gym trainer always recommends plank if you are working for abs, It certainly lay down the foundation of abs since it targets the transverses abdominal muscles. Including plank in your workout regime have some more benefits like

Keep your back in alignment
Keep the core strength

2) Great Posture- Plank is brought the alignment in your spin which reflects on the body posture. w great body posture will always lift you with confidence and hence it will always protect you from injuries. Back injuries are very severe. It targeted all area which is responsible for the good posture and hence which will ultimately help you to distribute the body weight in a proper manner

3) Inculcate Flexibility – Plank offer versatile benefits for the user, on one hand if it is improving your body posture it is also adding value to your body flexibility which is being neglect in many exercise. Yoga which is primarily use to achieve flexibility having plank in many of its exercise

4) Reduce Back Pain-  Since plank is one of the best exercises to have a good posture it certainly helps us to get rid of back pain which is very annoying. It also helps to arrange the ligaments of the back which helps to provide the strength to your abdomen which helps you to feel light of your body weight

5) Boost up your metabolism – Having strong muscle means you burn more calories even if you do not exercise this is what plank help us, burning more calories is we wish to feel hungry to quench our appetite we directed to the healthy diet which obviously helps us to boost our metabolism.

To live a healthy lifestyle must include a plank in their daily regime since it is one of the best exercises to tone our core which leads to many benefits

Let’s get planked!!!  

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