Nature’s Warning: Don’t play with Nature

Australia’s Bushfire is a kind of Nature’s warning for all of us to take care of our mother nature. Bushfire in Australia impacts extensive areas and causes property damages. Millions of animals have lost their homes and lives. 14.7 acres of the area affected across 6 States of Australia. Homes, property, Families, and Wildlife affected at an alarming rate. let’s play for Australia. Nature has its own way to warns us weather it is I form of global warming or Bushfire. We need to take seriously about nature warning

Nature's Warning

The rescue operation is at its peak many Volunteers and firefighters are fighting against Nature to protect the wildlife and lives. Heartbreaking and devastating pictures are coming out from Australia which shows our helplessness against Nature. Its nature’s warning for all of us to not to play with it

Nature's Warning

We just pray for rain rest in peace to all the casualty. Australia is burning today the sky is red like blood and it has the most toxic air in the world right now. But hats off to those brave people who are working tirelessly in this extreme situation.

Australia shows Unity because of this massive Bushfire. Many celebrities and peoples came forward and offering helping hands. The whole world was praying for rain and their prayers has been answered

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