#metoo, Now what?

Silence Breakers

As India’s Me Too movement has gained its momentum, many stories are coming out of the closet. Many well-known personalities have been accused of sexual harassment and exposed the nasty pervasiveness of workplace sexual harassment and assault, these “gray zone” stories have prompted equally important conversations about sexual consent

The recent buzz around the #metoo is undeniable; It has the potential to change the world in the working space for the women’s. this moment has surge organizations consulting to firms for the solutions and sanitizing the workforce and internal training committee.

It’s the beginning of new India and this is an incredible opportunity to build a better India, fair and inclusive, where leaders make ethical decisions and women employee thrive since they are coming up very strongly, sharing their ordeal on the social platform and bring the real culprits in front of the public. It’s now a movement to make the workplace secure for the women’s

Living with that trauma needs lots of courage and may have gone through many sleepless nights and a lot of the time wrapped in fear of the repercussions if they speak out about such a senior person

Now the biggest question lies Now what?, since all the ordeals are put on the social media and few of them have gone legal way, Since the incident have happened long ago so the complaints should be without any time limit.

Now what? How things will take shape now. What’s the next step how to handle this incident. The lawmakers should keep in mind that they will truly justify every complaint and make sure each and every company is investigated properly to the grass root to justify the authenticity of the incident before reaching to any conclusion. However, the public is already questioning how sticky #MeTooIndia will be. some of the people are playing politics on these incidents too This can be the century where offering a safe environment where women prosper becomes a license to do business.


Generations before us fought to get women into the workplace. Our generation has the responsibility to fight to improve that workplace

The movement will be given wings and instill confidence in every woman that her voice matters. Let’s worry less if we agree with everything everyone says in this moment of enthusiasm, and focus more on the fact that this movement provides victims a fundamental human right that has been hard to access all this time; freedom of expression.

Hoping the #MeToo campaign won’t go out of control “in the sense that we target people who have offended us in some way.”

A protester raises a placard reading “#MeToo” . REUTERS/

#MeToo has hit India’s media sectors and is trickling into neighboring industries. It’s only a matter of time before it ravages the boardrooms of India Inc. As the tide turns against tolerance for misogyny and amoral leadership globally, shareholders realize it’s not good for business. Is corporate India prepared for this new expectation from investors and consumers?

People are sharing their  #MeTooIndia experience at the workplace in the hope that the challenges they have faced will resonate with business leaders and women in India.

 If we celebrate and applaud the women stamping #Metoo on their social media, the movement will be given wings and instill confidence in every woman that her voice matters.

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