How To Make Life Stress-Free with Fun and Dancing

Early days

I was born in an army household. Being an army kid might seem like a rosy picture. The perks, the social gatherings, the quality of education, the opportunity to see new places may all look like a dream life to many. But, guess what, being an army kid is tough. You always live in fear of the unknown. You never know when your father would be called for duty or when would he return, you never get to have a father-daughter conversation every night like other kids, because your father is somewhere very far from you. Sometimes, you may not even hear from him for days or weeks. You don’t grow up in the same locality or have the same set of childhood friends, because the moment you start settling in a new place, it’s time to uproot yourself and settle elsewhere. 

While army life gave us a sense of pride, the unpredictable lifestyle sometimes took a toll on our emotional, physical, and mental health. I could have fallen prey to it too, had it not been for my passion healthy living and positive thinking! 

Dancing – when passion becomes a mission!

I love dancing. I go into a different zone altogether when I dance. As a trained Zumba instructor, I found my happiness in dancing. I used to teach dance at a college. It was not limited to dance alone; I would also include learning activities to make the sessions more fun and interactive. Little did I know that it would change someone’s life. One day, a girl came up to me and said that the activity brought a smile to her face after a long time. She had failed in her exams, which upset her parents. Her story moved me, and something tugged my heart. I realized it was time to start HappyFitYou – an initiative to bring happiness and fitness to people’s lives.

So, armed with the mission of spreading happiness, I started HappyFitYou in 2017. As an ICF certified coach and a Happiness coach from Happiness Studies Academy, I conduct regular workshops in colleges and corporates to help people find their path to happiness. I prod them to question themselves, think what makes them happy, and encourage them to follow the path of joy.  I may be known as India’s youngest happiness coach, but that’s just an epithet for me. I derive true happiness when I see my clients going back after the workshop more happy and energized. I derive happiness when clients come to me with moist eyes and say they feel better

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