Konark: The Sun Shine

A Visit to UNESCO world heritage site: Konark,  The Sun temple

A lot has been talked and read from childhood about the Konark the Sun Temple. It was a pleasure to get a chance to visit this marvelous architectural work, I was collecting my thoughts my words after seeing this beauty.  Situated 35km away from the seated Jagannath temple puri It is not only one of the best heritage of India but it also has its name in UNESCO World Heritage

It has been one of the masterpieces of all its kind the beauty and its creation has always put us in the dilemma how it is possible?

The various question was running in my mind how is it possible at that time to build such a marvelous architecture? My eyes were not accepting that I was actually witnessing the huge stone carved in the shape of the temple. The kind of artwork the engineering and the architecture of that era has created is way ahead from us.

It’s beautiful and will take almost 2-3 hours to feel the art and visit it fully. The more you see each image your appetite of knowing more will grow. It’s so beautiful that you won’t be able to take your eyes off for a single minute

The Sun Temple has lot of things which always put our thinking at a very low level. An Articheture marvel of eastern India and a symbol of India’s heritage is a massive conception of artistic magnificence and engineering dexterity Konark Temple was designed in the form of a gorgeously decorated chariot mounted on 24 wheels, drawn by 7 mighty horses. Well the things which keep us amazed is how this huge temple, every inch-space of which was so wonderfully carved, could have been completed within such a short time

The temple is so huge at the base there are images of animals, foliage, warriors on horses and interesting structure.  Well on the walls and roof of the temple beautiful erotic figures are carved

Konark is one of the best-known tourist attractions of Odisha which always put us in the situation and we don’t stop praising the art and the work of that era which we are witnessing. A temple is a wonderful place as the language of stone defeats the human language

The Konark temple is widely known not only for its architectural grandeur but also for the intricacy and profusion of sculptural work representation of the sun god Surya’s chariot; its 24 wheels are decorated with symbolic designs. The outstanding examples of temple architecture and art as revealed in its conception, scale and proportion, and in the sublime narrative strength of its sculptural embellishment.

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