Keep Visitors Coming Back To Your Website With This Cute Widget

Creating fresh content is tiring and time-consuming. Your website users aren’t coming back to read those previous posts again and again. I remember from the early days, I used to visit this nearby shop and spent more time watching cricket on their tiny tv box than the actual purpose of the purchasing. Adding a newsfeed or a daily horoscope box on the sidebars can definitely help.

Folks at Ask Oracle have come up with this cool copy and paste the code that anyone can put on their blogs and sites and get daily fresh content to keep site audience engaged and sticky.

Astro widget is so enriched in content and a treat to eyes that its content keeps users busy with the webpage. They have used the best astrology technique and smart analysis on a real-time basis

What is AstroPress Widget?

A widget is a small snippet of code provided by that can be installed within any HTML-based web page. They’re simple web applications that make it easy to bring dynamic content from your ask-oracle page onto your own website and they provide the real time analysis and it updates automatically

Bloggers Delight

Bloggers and writers, it’s a very interesting widget which helps to engage your visitors and provide them something new apart from content. It’s new and unique widget with simple codes or horoscopes api. It is very simple to integrate and require no technical skills.

How do I add a widget to my website?

You can find installation instructions on their horoscope api page.

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