Ingredient of Couples with Strong Relationship

A partnership required an equal contribution from both the partners to lead a foundation of everlasting partnership, whether it is friendship, love or marriage. 

A strong relationship is one where you enjoy what others have to offer rather than trying to change them to fit in your own template of how life and #love should be .. Kate Figes

Love – A bond which binds the world

Everyone has their own love story and every love story is unique same goes with the Relationship everyone has its own relationship goals and bonding we should not compare our own relationship by pitting it with someone else relationship. Strenght in a relationship comes from within not from outside 

There are many habits we should exhibit in the relationship but HBG here gathered few of you

1) Good Communication – One of the biggest and most vital aspects of a relationship is communication. Listening to one another when you’re communicating even on silly things according
to John Gottman things which chart out in all good marriages and love relationship is communication with your partner. A perfect love model when you are upset. I listen the word comes to freeze and I listen, and we repair things we don’t let situations and things mount on us

Talk & Repair a perfect medicine to heal the relationship wounds


2 ) Trust in Each Other –  Apart from the communication other spices of having a strong relationship is “trust” if you trust each other you can sail through the tough phase of life easily. If you lack trust in your partner, then somewhere relationship is not working. There must be rough patches in a relationship the road will not be able to be smooth so investing your trust in each other is a good investment in the relationship

Reliability, Certainty, Faith, Hope

3) Your Problem Solves – Every relationship went through a bad phase and face many issues instead of losing the balance a good partner is always there standing with you to tackle the biggest issues. A strong & good relationship means being able to work together to solve the problem

4) Have Fun Together – You should have some time for yourselves. It’s good to plan activities and things where you can spend time together. A good relationship is always having time for your partner. Even if your down with stress and upset if your partner can turn your mood on it’s a sign of good relationship. Learning when it’s a good time to just let go means that your relationship is strong you have a way to go.

5 ) You’re Still You-  In a strong relationship, we must accept the imperfection of another partner instead of trying to mold each other according to our comfort level. If you are losing your identity in a relationship, then you are not on the right bus. Love yourself. Self-love is the first love if we want respect we should able to give it first o others. Our partner will only mirror back to us

Commitments – If you are not committed to each other then it is going to be a daunting task for you to be in the relationship. Every relationship needs commitment. You should make sure that you got each other’s back even in the happy times. Commitment is a one-time investment in the relationship which can intact your relationship

“I saw that you were perfect, and so I loved you. Then I saw that you were not perfect and I loved you even more.” — Angelita Lim

I Love You 🙂 “S”

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