How a Girl Transforming Society

Today we have someone between us who is so inspiring she is a travel blogger, vlogger and a social media influencer an entrepreneur owns a travel startup – “travel affairs” and a backpacker’s hostel – travel affairs junglebook hostel in Himachal Pradesh (at Jibhi to be exact). and Two times  TEDx Speaker We are talking about Heena, from Gurgaon. She believes traveling is the biggest healing therapy. She has transformed not her life but also transforming the society

She organizes experiential group trips with strangers and is conducting travel meetups in different parts of India. She recently started  “unconventional career counseling” sessions in schools. I am a public speaker and part-time consultant.

How you started your journey?

It was totally random. Just after college, I started working in an MNC. That was the time I started questioning myself that is this something I wanted to do? I mean, I didn’t like my job and was struggling hard to find my passion. Started traveling as an escape. And it became a frequent activity. I changed, for good of course. Then I thought if travel can bring such positivity in me, then it can definitely help others too. Keeping that idea in mind, travel affairs came into existence.

Being into so many roles what’s more fascinates you?

“Doing multiple things” excites me. As in, I just can’t do “routine” and follow A to Z path. I need new things every day in my work. Being a one-woman army, I have done practically everything. Graphic designing, content writing, photography, event management, etc. etc. “Management” of all these things fascinates me.

How do you feel Being a Female organizing trip and meeting with strangers?

It’s quite a “rich” experience, I would say. The travel industry is very dynamic. There is a new kind of challenges every day. Say, you are taking a trip of 20 strangers, means you are dealing with 20 different mindsets. Trust me it’s not easy. Everyone comes with a different set of expectations and demands. Keeping everyone on the same page is a task which I love to do. This keeps me motivated.

Describe your experience in organizing experiential group trips with strangers and are conducting travel meetups?

Trips and Meetups have been an amazing experience in terms of learning, exposure and networking. It always feels good to come out of the comfort zone. There is a lot to learn and explore. Now I know people from various professions. Doctors, teachers, fashion bloggers, photographers, Lawyers, Entrepreneurs, etc. Generally, we don’t get such exposure. It has been possible because of travel only.

Memorable Trip with strangers which goes down to your memory lane?

Trust me when I say, every single trip is memorable. But still, to name one, I would say, trip to Jibhi in March 2018, it was Travel Affair’s 1st anniversary and we decided to celebrate a prom night in the mountains

What’s your dream to be?

I dream of traveling the world and record it all on my camera. Document it all and share with people. Make youtube videos and write blogs about it. I dream of becoming a successful storyteller.

Don’t you feel that you can contribute to mother nature through your Trips and meet up by spreading awareness about the clean earth and save water issues?

We already try to do that as much as we can. In our trips, we encourage people to bring their own water bottles and refill it from dhabas, hotels, or natural water streams. Few people follow this and few don’t. Also, we eat locally, avoid packaged food as and when possible

Do you want to organize a trip/Workshop for any social cause like Mensuration Hygiene, Female Empowerment, cleanliness, Sustainable livelihood?

Yes, definitely. We have already organized one for “Responsible travel” & “Sustainable travel”. Planning more in the future. In fact, I have recently started this #21daychallange thing with a fellow blogger. Let’s see where it goes.

She is amazingly alive and vibrant soul full of energy and has her all the dreams very clear its a nice talking with her you guys can reach out here for your travel plans


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