Hello, I’m a Blogger!!

This post if so dear and near to me why for this I have researched a lot Naaah its just comes directly from heart so you can find many flaws in this post, this is for all writers community whatever I’m penning down here all the information gathered through my stalking skills on various social media profiles of bloggers

the evolution of the internet and technology have proven to be the boom for each sector not only for the industries but also for the societies. It has increased our reach and shorten the distances. Well most beneficial sector from this evolution for me is the BLOGGERS/Individuals.

Who is a blogger?
Every second person is a blogger for me. Yes, it’s fact and you know what blogging the easiest the hardest way to earn the money. That’s why this field is so much crowded. 

After blogger terminology, there come the Vloggers who make the videos and post them for many likes and share. And above all, we have one more terminology that is the influencer who has got many followers on social media platform don’t know they are organic or just paid

to be very honest I have stalked, (I purposefully used the word “stalked”) many bloggers social media handles who is having chunks of followers whenever they post they hardly got few hundreds (200-300) likes then what the use of that chunks of followers?

Few bloggers are so active on social media that they post each activity. Wow kudos to them they have ample amount of time for all that crazy shit. If you follow them on Instagram OMG you think of killing yourself or them by their shitty Instagram posts.
Some bloggers omg they are so cool they click themselves with ample amount of food as if they are going to eat that alone.
Some of them are a photographer. Who just Eat ~to~ Click. Before eating they click, after a bite, they click omg just… click and eat
Some of them are so cool that they even asked what to wear today this one or that one and on top of them, as we all are expert, some experts have actually advised them.
Some too just crossed their limits omg while studying they want to share with the world, what the hell they are reading

We are not a blogger we are attention seekers.

The blogging has taken the back seat and attention seekers and show off are driving this bloggers community

Some bloggers/vloggers just crossed the limits, while in the mid of sleep they click themselves and posted on their account and saying I am half awake. What the hell dude just go and sleep, inside the Quilt their eyes are barely open half awake making their short clip and uploading uff that much craziness I don’t know how they get this serious dude we are not a blogger we are just the hungry of like and share that’s it. I referee them social media addict, or attention seekers there are so many groups on Facebook if somebody posted any request omg their you can see the queue of bloggers.

hello, I am a blogger and yes, I am influencer too. I can write about you and get you and your product influenced just pay me.  And the fact is blogger itself need an influencer the bitter truth 

Hello I’m a Blogger 🙂 

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