Healing Codes :)

If you want to find the secrets of the Universe,
                   Think in terms of Energy,Frequency, and Vibration                                                                                                                 NIKOLA TESLA

Healing is the process of the restoration of health from an unbalanced energy in the mind and body. Since we know that ‘Everything is energy’. Our body also made up of energy elements. The imbalance of energies in body and mind creates dis-ease in our wellbeing.

There are many healing modalities that we use to heal ourselves. But today I am going to discuss on one rare healing tool, which you can use free of cost and be sitting at your home.

Yes, I called it a ‘tool’ because it’s not a replacement for your current treatment. But I assure you that it can be helpful to boost up the healing process.

Every number carries some kind of energy with itself. They have frequencies and vibrations too. For example, when I listen to any patriotic song, I feel energetic from nowhere. Why? Because the vibrations I get from it, create that impact on my mind and body. Soothing flute music definitely takes one into a trance state. Similarly, numbers have same qualities.

‘Healing codes’ means the numbers which are used in some specific combination to heal you. They together create those frequencies which help to heal the specific physical or mental condition.

Lloyd Mear has invented the technique called ‘Energy Balancing by Numbers’. Hers, you will get the information about him and his great work.

How to use?

  • Write that number on your skin with a pen or you can draw merely by fingers.
  • Write that number on a piece of paper and carry in your pocket or keep it in your purse or wallet if you are using money code. You can keep under the pillow of a patient.
  • Write that number and make a circle around it and keep a glass of water or water bottle on it for 20-30 seconds and your water is charged with that healing energy and keep drinking that water at regular intervals.
  • Even you can chant that number minimum 28 times. Some codes should be chanted for minimum 45 times. (You will get that information in mentioned links.)

Till date, we have heard that playing with numbers you can win a lottery and become a millionaire. But friends, there may be a chance for a millionaire to become a pauper too.  Healing codes assure you in helping you to become a millionaire, not only in terms of money but also in terms of health. After all, Health is Wealth..!!



Here, you will get the list of codes for a specific illness.


This research has not been stopped here itself. A physician with Reiki Master’s degree has also created his individual code list. They are known as ‘Divine Healing Codes’.

You will get his list here,


Grigori Grabovoi, a Russian Psychic also developed his own code list. You will get his contribution here,


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