What happened to you HBG? What do you mean by ‘Have an shh…. Life!? Are you crazy??? What is the meaning of ‘shh…….’?? ….blah…. blah…

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Am I right friends? All you are thinking this right now. Yes, I am going to tell you about the purpose of writing this article.

So guys, we generally wish our close ones and friends to have a safe life, successful life, happy life etc. I was thinking about you last night. I believe that that much bonding we have developed till now to get close with each other. And that is the reason I want to wish you through this write-up.

So coming to the point.. Here ‘SHH…’ means,

  • Successful- Yes my dear friend I want to see you succeed in your life. This is my one of the wishes. If you are measuring ‘successes’ in terms of the money you have in your bank account right now, then you are on the wrong track. I did not say that I want to see you succeed in the financial area of your life. I am talking about your life. Dictionary meaning of ‘success’ is ‘Accomplishment of purpose’. What I mean is I want to see you that how beautifully you have accomplished your purpose in life. Many saints have said that ‘Our purpose in life is living in the moment joyfully.’ To become successful in life you have to enjoy your life. Enjoyment does not mean partying all the time. It simply means whatever the situation is you just accept it and act accordingly. Worrying will not give solutions to your problems. Instead of acceptance of it relieves you from stress and you will be able to see that there are ‘n’ numbers of solutions available out there.
  • Happy- I want to see you all happy. Yes, I really want you all must live your life happily. If you are measuring your ‘happiness’ in terms of luxurious lifestyle you are living or you are spending your vacation at the most expensive hotel and many other things like loving relationships and all. Then again you are wrong my friend. These materialistic things don’t denote that you are happy. One cannot buy happiness. Never. Dictionary meaning of ‘happiness’ is ‘contentment; satisfaction’. How much satisfied you are in your life denotes how much happy you are with your life. For example, you are on the grand vacation and you are thinking about your sales targets of the month and complaining all the time about your working conditions and challenges you are facing. Then sorry to say, you are not living in the moment and enjoying your vacation fully. And even though you are showing to the world that I am very happy with my life, but in reality, you are not. Happiness is spontaneous. It does not depend on external factors. It should come from within, that is happiness.
  • Healthy- I wish you all to lead a healthy life. Being Healthy doesn’t mean one will never fall sick. And one cannot be healthy all the time. You will say that nowadays everyone has BP, sugar or anything like that. So no one is healthy in today’s world. No friend. I am not saying that. This is a proven fact that ninety percent of the diseases are related to your mind. Some incurable diseases can also be cured if you change your mindset. A healthy mind will always keep your body in perfect condition to live a happy, healthy and successful life.

Have you noticed that how all these are inter-linked to each other? Now you must be waiting for solution to it. Right?? I know that.

So the solution is…… SHH….!!!

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Yes…!! Shh…denotes ‘silence please’. I am not telling you to become silent. No..no… I am suggesting you to silent your- self.  Go within. Dive in. Deeper and deeper. There you will find the treasures of life. There you will find the key to success, key of happiness and nectar of immortal health. There is plenty of information and techniques available to silent your mind. A need of the hour is ‘Your willingness to take action.’ Once you mastered the art of silencing your mind I bet my friend you will never look for any motivation to lead a happy, healthy and successful life.

So what are you waiting for my friend?? Wake up and act.

We at HBG Wishing you            ‘SHH…’ life..!!       🙂

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