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Don’t Play with Nature

In the name of development, we are making our own home dirtier and not suitable for living. We are planning to live in MOON great thinking but firstly we should take care of our Mother EARTH. In this race of being called as developed we are making sure that our next generation will have to pay for our deeds what short of environment we are leaving for them is totally depends on us today we must take a HARSH call today or never

We have litter so much that our earth has become a big DUMPING YARD and we feel so proud of being called DEVELOPED. The more we get literate more we litter. I called us “Illiterate”.  Its high time now to say NO TO PLASTICS.

We as a parent do every bit for our children so that they can live a happy life.
Think again are we Seriously doing every bit? or we are just becoming selfish? THINK! THINK! …

Why Selfish?
leading happy life we mean money, property, etc although they are requisite but what about the environment? we are pushing themselves in danger arena. Where the environment effects are going to be very sever. Let’s be a good parent and contribute a bit towards the safety

Development and environment safety should go hand in hand. Its not the question about only plastic ban it’s the question about the whole environment. Plastic ban is one component to contribute in the health off the environment.

Dose we ever thought WHY the Water logging happens in just a minimal rainfall and that to in our so-called NCR states?

Answer is very simple we are getting develop on the cost of environment. There were days when we happily enjoy rains but now we don’t even want rain just because water logging. Well we have done so much encroachment that we have stopped the way of water to flow in drains they are jammed or else we have encroached them.


It’s time for us to show some love for our city, and high time Its High time to use Bio Degradable Paper Straws, Paper Bags & Many More. because Plastic Kills Fish, Turtle & Marine Life…
So Switch to the Paper Material.  Everything comes with time and have the limits so dose our earth have.

We Should be proud on this

US scientists have calculated the total amount of plastic ever made and put the number at 8.3 billion tonnes.”

From the Golden world we have make it the “Planet of Plastic”

Well some good things are also happening as CCD using paper straws and JK paper has started the pledge #switchtopaper.

“The Earth is what we all have in common.”
—Wendell Berry

DID you Know?

Reading newspaper is less harmful than reading news on smartphones

Papers waste never kills any animal neither on sea nor on earth. Let’s take a pledge and show some love to our city and say no to plastic start contributing towards environment. And try to be a good parent to our next generation who ate going to breadth in healthy environment not on polluted environment

Its always a give and take relationship so if we are giving so much to nature and the time will come when the nature will repay us with interest and I bet you we wont able to stop that we will feel helpless

Pic of Large Amount Of Plastic Thrown Back by Nature on a Bridge


we can live for few days without water but cannot live more then few minutes without air if you don’t believe me try holding your breadth you will get the answer by yourself.

Morning walk used to consider to be most fittest walk ever but we have degraded that status too Congratulations 

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children

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