Plank an Ultimate Warrior

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The exercise which is pretty much helpful for the core is none other than “Plank”. In the fitness fertility plank has been rated very high not in terms of its diversified impact areas but also because it is one of the simplest exercises we can perform, Simplest exercise doesn’t mean it didn’t have any side […]

Top 5 Treatments of Depression

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Depression can make you hollow, helpless and drain your whole energy left you in a condition from where you can’t see any way out and you keep on digging your own grave. Overcoming of depression is not always easy it required a lot of effort and it takes time which certainly required you to change […]

Health Is Wealth

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  Health is wealth has become a bookish concept, due to a drastic change in lifestyle. But we have to take our lives seriously now. This life of packed foods and technology friendly life makes us lazy. Physical activity is somewhere has been lacking in our lives. No one is happy whether a toddler, students, […]

Exercise Hacks for Corporate

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We spend too much time in sitting or in office we hardly make a break for  exercise. That is one of the reasons we are surrounded by most of the diseases, this could have been one prominent reason that our immune system has become so vulnerable we diseases can easily impact our body. In this […]