Are We Ready?

6th September 2018 at 11:45 am India created the history after Scrapping down #section377. History recorded the prettiest rainbow ever, the decision of decriminalizing homosexuality has been welcomed by everyone especially the one who was fighting for it since a decade. The Rainbow Warriors have won the battle and gets the right to love as India has created the history and we stepped an inch forward towards Better India it was a great triumph for LGBTQ community, Yes, they can live with PRIDE. What is appreciable is the way they fought their battle silently and shows the power of silence, not like others who are doing all protests and fasting. The law has been formed not the time for floor test in society.

Upholds Rights to Privacy, Non-discrimination for LGBT People

Are We Ready?

Yes everyone has the right to love and express themselves. Well as the time flies love has spreads its wings like
Love is ageless, Love don’t see Nationality, Love doesn’t believe in Casteism, no racism and now Love is Gender less 
                       From the ERA of Love is Blind to Love is Gender less

The law has been created yesterday 5 most intellectual people listened and analysis and gave their verdict yesterday. But one question is still wondering me


This is India where Polishing of CAST and gender is in air we have very super intellectual people in society who have cast as their bread and butter. We have seen vandalizing the churches a lot, witnessed the Riots. Lot have been said and write and published for the castes and their love-hate relationship, are we ready to accept this verdict are our society ready? where we fight on issues like “GHAR WAPSI” “LOVE JIHAD” and give them oxygen to blow us away are our society ready to accept this?

I wonder we are not when we are unable to digest couples of different religions in public is our society going to accept this? Just like Love Jihad and much fuss about this I am sure in near future we will witness something related to this too.

We always have habit to see what is going in others bedroom. It’s a serious concern that our society where some people who call themselves the guards of Sanskriti and Culture what will be their reaction?

            SSHHH…. Silences Prevails

Did anyone else notice the complete silence from the members of the political class yesterday on the #377Verdict ?

But everybody will be ready to have their bread and butter on this issue

The court has affirmed that no one should be discriminated against for whom they love or what they do in the privacy of their bedroom

The court’s ruling affirmed that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBTQ) people in India are entitled to the full protection of both India’s constitution and international human rights law, and that laws that treat people as second-class citizens based on their real or perceived sexual orientation have no place in modern India

The concern remain same

But Are We Ready ?……

But I wish we should travel a distance from
Are We Ready ~to~ Yes We are 🙂

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