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APPS 007 !


WoW new app has been launched and it is covering every functionality which I wanted my phone. In this technology driven world we are surrounded of n number of apps you name it for what you need the app and there you can find out the app according to your requirement in the app store. Why they need an access? OMG did any one thought of it we are putting ourselves in danger as any programming glitch and we are gone. Now a days its very easy to invade anyone’s life

Our phone is loaded with tomes of apps and we don’t even know why they need access think about it

Using app is very easy just go to store select app install and start using it, but hey watch out you are being spying by these app developers. Well today when DATA is the oxygen and every corner of the industry is using data to target their customers. App is one of the easiest ways to get the data without any concern

I always feel skeptical when an app ask permission to access that include permissions to access to your text messages, phone call details, media files, etc. Apps need access to specified content on your phone to fulfill their functionality well a picture-editing app will require access to your phone camera and media files to be able to edit pictures saved in your phone or to take a new picture that it can edit

Why they need to assess my phone I feel like they are secretly reading my every move. Phone app need access for the contacts they might be spying on my contact list. And we can be exposed to anyone at anytime is data is not secure. Anyone can steal our social identity. Facebook, google and other apps do ask for the access for certain segments

It is imperative to be diligent with your app permission as they can be doing something malicious. Today when we are so much socialized that even at the time of sleep we are getting connected to technology, am sure we must have many apps in our smart phone but some apps can be malicious purposefully here is m quoting a real life example

The Brightest Flashlight Free app for Google Play was exposed by the FTC for selling the location data of users, even if the user had opted out of sharing their location services with the application. Luckily, the FTC caught this and the app’s distributer, Goldshores Technologies, deleted all the information they had collected about users”

Letting apps access more data on your phone than required could lead to security risks and expose your personal information. Almost all mobile apps transmit and receive data between phones and remote servers some of the app need access to read your SMS well that can be scary as it also contains ONE TIME PASSWORD during transactions. And it also including the ones about your bank transactions and one-time passwords, and access your pictures, screenshots and messenger image 

Lets see some of the facts 

Access and what they are for and how they can affect us (these are all assumptions )

An app which need access for location knows exact your exact location at any given point, your house number, restaurants and cinema halls you frequent, and your email account details. Through an API they track on how frequently we visit certain location Think this is not what you signed up for? 

Now a days Location Intelligence is in rage and location-based advertisement is very common, so they collect the information through the APPS. And can sell them or use them we don’t know but this could be one angle

Apps knows us better than anyone else. And they are accessing us not we are accessing them

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