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Bold and offbeat is legal fin-tech company since 2016 registered under “Atal Incubation Center – Niti Aayog“. We have various products which empowers individuals and companies to get access to justice/prevent the litigation.

New Product Brief – Legal Assistance Kit for Life Insurance

We realized that the customers are continuously losing confidence in the product due to mis-selling or injustice being served in terms of genuine claim being rejected or encountering dishonest representatives misleading customers and many other service disputes. We em pathetically understand all your concerns however we also understand how crucially important a life Insurance policy is for you. Therefore, we work together with you to make ends meet and help you come out of some of the most upsetting life insurance issues you ever faced

Our aim is to march towards creating a better tomorrow for the life insurance industry, to rebuild the trust of insurance policy holders and to provide justice to the mistreated policyholders.

Product “Legal Assistance Kit” will primarily help life insurance policy holders with followings:

  • Free legal consultation 
  • Correspondence with the insurance company regarding claim rejection
  • Representation of the policyholder out-of-court or even in-court          
  • Pay the legal cost of a dispute

Market Size: India’s life insurance sector is the biggest in the world with about 360 million policies which are expected to increase between 12-15% over the next five years. The country’s insurance market is expected to increase in size over the next 10 years from its current size of $60 billion

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