Afreen Khan’s Journey from Fat To Fit

When you realize that life is all about taking one step at a time, nothing can stop you, you fail only when you stop trying. Afreen Khan

This is my story from being an overweight 9 to 5 employee to being a fit mother, winning the title of Face of south 2018 ,emerging as a fitness influencer and an entrepreneur ,being my own BOSS.

We always hear transformation stories of weight loss of those who were athletic since childhood and young age but turned lazy and unhealthy overtime and then they decide to turn a life around to their previous body types. But what about those who never played a sport in childhood, who never had any knowledge about being healthy and spoke of only art and education at home. There is nothing wrong in being into arts, music, and dance, or studies but when you live a life like that, you start believing that may be physical strength and agility and hence fitness isn’t your cup of tea


This was me 5 years back ,believing that healthy means being thin, fitness is only for athletes, sports professionals, models or actors. And I was none of the above so how could I have fitness goals. Then after living in this shell for most of my life, I started noticing my insecurities build up to an extent that anyone talking about my weight or body made me cringe and gave way to my self doubt .This got worse when I became a mother and my own friends and colleagues started making fun of me ,calling me a a fat Punjabi aunty having a midlife crisis. I had to break out of my shell and take action ,if not anything else , just to prove them wrong.

So what started as a shallow attempt to get thinner for others lame approval ,became my strongest perspective towards life. It made me stronger not just physically but mentally too. I started my fitness journey for others but now my growth is mine, I have no inhibitions about how people judge me or the way I look . Now people questioning me on my healthy lifestyle actually makes me smile cause now I know better than to decide my worth based on their opinions.

Its not just the mental blocks of entering into fitness, a female body deals with a lot of stress when she gives birth to a child . Like every mother,When my child was an year old I started feeling immense weakness in my body ,so much so that I could barely stand carrying her. It got worse as I had medical conditions like low BP, slip disc etc from an early age. My discipline in fitness has not only made me stronger , it has made me set an example for my 5 year old daughter who is my biggest supporter now. Her idea of fun is working out with me at home and it makes me proud to see her learning about the importance of health at such a young age.

When fitness and self love became a passion for me , life started paving unknown territories for me. I had the opportunity to represent Bangalore on a  national level platform and was crowned the FACE OF SOUTH 2018 in MRS INDIA EARTH pageant  .I was not only fortunate enough to join the stage with beauties all over the country but also got specially recognised and applauded for my physical strength in the fitness round of the pageant. After the pageant I was featured by renowned platforms like Decathlon Sports India, Womenly ,Body and strength etc for my transformation journey. From being a shy art loving person who never played a sport all my life , I am a health blogger and fitness influencer now who lives the life of an athlete . I  do a  combination of cardio and strength training. I love doing compound movements like deadlifts but right now my focus is calisthenics. I am learning body weight training and that is the reason I am much stronger from inside than I was when I did only weight lifting. I feel that strength grows immensely when doing movements like push ups, frog stands  and headstands which are not easy to perform as they need lot of stability and core strength.

My idea is to inspire as many people around me as possible about the importance of health and fitness, specially for mothers. We as mothers should set examples of being healthy and fit for our children all through their life and not restrict fitness to a particular age or profession or status .I hope someday every woman will include fitness as a part of her day to day life as a means of self love. Be healthy for your own self . Do it cause it’s your body and it deserves the best from you. Whether you are single or married or a mother, your health and well being should be your priority not something that you need excuses for. Workout helps you to get heal in ample amount of issues.

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