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Travel is something we all love, for some, it is a stress buster for some it is sightseeing, for some, it is a break from a hectic schedule and for some, it is a reason to hang out with friends. We plan things we execute things but some time unplanned things give us so much happiness.
This world is full of beautiful places which are still not on our Wishlist.
The beauty of these places is so aspiring that they are so picture perfect you won’t resist yourself these places are hard to reach they are the best way to discover unknown places is through locals and exploring it on your own. Therefore, you first must know they are existing

The world has some stunning places in its laps which have stored some unheard stories. Places which are easily accessible can easy be mapped but some of the beautiful places only know by peoples so let’s find out few of the unheard and beautiful places bringing by HBG to you

1) Apostle Islands in Wisconsin, USA – These are in the northern part of Wisconsin. They are so natural that you will doubt on your own identity. Apostle Island is a collection of 21 islands and it is primarily known for the historic lighthouses, sandstone sea caves, a few old-growth remnant forests, and natural animal habitats.

This sea cave, known as the Garage, is among many interconnected sandstone rooms on the islands.

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2)  Huacachina, Peru – it is a small village surrounded by sand dunes well it holds the population close to 100 but it welcome and host tens of thousands of tourists in a year. Well it is surrounded by the small lake, it offers you a good spot to catch the sunset and explore the town’s rustic shops and be adventurous and try out sandboarding

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3) Iguazu Falls Whenever we talk about big waterfalls Niagara and Victoria falls come into the picture but we always strike out Iguazu falls which are situated in Misiones Province, Argentina Spanning 2.7 kilometers, Iguazu Falls is made of 275 waterfalls or cataracts. Iguazu Falls instantly turn even jaded travelers into a raving fan. Throw in the fact that they’re located in a gorgeous South American rainforest, and you’ve pretty much got one of the most impressive feats of nature on the planet. Must visit after seeing this you will surely utter Poor NIAGARA

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4) Ko Phi Phi Thailand- it is just a pure paradise which we all miss Thailand is one of the top list destinations of any Asian, we always give amiss to Koi Phi Phi. Its stunning beauty and landscape are jaw-dropping The beach there is the same tableau of blues and greens that’s the trademark of Thai shoreline, and the friendly primates make it a light-hearted way to take in the scenery

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5) Palawan Encapsulates– This has got everything which any traveler wants a crystal blue water lake, picturesque, amazing dive spot for divers. Well this place was hiding somewhere form the wishful eyes of humans but it’s a must give it try destination and once you visit here you can relate that you have already seen this place in many Hollywood movies The Secretive Species of Flora and Fauna

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 Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” – Gustav Flaubert

Happy Travelling 🙂 

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